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"More and more corporates are waking up as resposible entities, and are honouring the triple bottom line:

People, Planet, Profit ".

The E-waste management & handling rules 2011 mandate that all companies & manufacturers have to give their ewaste for recycling. Group TenPlus arranges a free pick-up of e-waste* from the corporate sector, with value added services.

E Waste finds its way (in most cases it may) in the illegal market and is traced back to the brand, this can be a huge loss to the brand. Group Tenplus & Attero takes this as a special consideration and makes sure to fulfill a significant environmental responsibility by extending a helping hand to companies struggling with their high volumes of e-waste, and their consequential responsibilities for its refurbishing and recycling needs. By using appropriate technology we transform million tonnes of electronic waste into reusable, recycled energy which helps in reducing CO2 emissions and sustain a green environment. Atteros metal extraction technology is reducing the burden on our mines to produce new metals, thus reducing carbon footprint in the process and reducing the need for mining to unearth metals.
When your company gives its E-waste for recycling, It gets a certificate that the company is a part of the green process that corporate companies around the world are now following. This certificate can also be produced for ISO audits such as ISO 14001, and can be used as proof for returns to the Goa State Pollution Control Board. Businesses are already running on the merit of being eco-friendly, non-polluting and caring for tomorrow.


Download a free pickup request form & contact us. A soft copy of Attero's Brochure can also be viewed here.