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Group TenPlus founding member Ashley Delaney earned public commendation after he was involved in the Goa Schools Computer Project (1998), in which used computers from companies based abroad were shipped to India and put to re-use in Goa. The initiative being the first of its kind in the country, also became the first of its kind in the world when the school computers were run on the free linux operating system instead of Windows in order to save on costs.

After accomplishing this at the young age of 18, Ashley started his own firm ‘Devine Computers', which dealt with sales and repairs of IT products and peripherals. During this while, Ashley also got involved in environmental initiatives. The mix of computers and environmental consciousness gave birth to Goa's first and only company that dealt with the collection and disposal of electronic waste, commonly called e-waste.

Group TenPlus was born in January 2010. The name was given on our founding principle: 'When you rate something as good, you give it a ten. We go beyond.'

Our Mission
To be the best in providing environmentally sound solutions & recycling to the society.


To propagate ecological sustainability initiatives and help our clients give back - to society and to nature.


With a deep love for Goa, we wish to do something for it. We looked for a complete solution, and not just someone who would take the e-waste, strip it for its metals, and dump the residual waste in a landfill. We didn't want a company who would take the e-waste and export it to some third-world country. It went against our principles. It went against our conscience.

And Attero Recycling gave us that answer.